Friday, June 20, 2008

Not my real name..

Let me explain to you my blog name..Melisadventures is kinda a mix between my name and the word "Misadventures" i said..kinda. As for MG Jellybean...well MG is my long time nickname and Jellybean is not my last name.. but would be cool if it were.
Now that's taken care of lets move on.

The weekend is here and the weather looks promising! speaking of weather, I watch the weathernetwork every day and just recently found out that Ross Hull, (also on studentbodies) is from London ON. cool man.

Tonight was really fun, visiting friends, road trip adventure with Jane (GPS) eating deserts and good conversation, cant ask for anything better really. We found a baby pigeon outside the hospital, probably only a day or two old and had been there all day. we were mad that the mommy pigeon didnt clue in and get this poor babe, so i stole a chair from the hospital and brought it outside so i could scoop the baby in a cup and place it in the nest, but the nest was too high and i couldnt reach. I am still sad for this bird. Yet, it is 1:30 am and my eyes are feeling like sumo wrestlers (very heavy) i need toothpicks to keep them open like on the cartoons!

I was planning to write more, but nope..this girl is way to tired tonight. GOOD NIGHT SWEETHEARTS!