Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mackinac Island Weekend.

Friday was quite an adventure in itself. I went to work in the morning, then hopped aboard a train to take me to windsor. The train ticket was $15 so i thought it was worth it. Then I walked about 45 mins from the windsor train station in the rain, Luckily i had a rain jacket, and my luggage. I bought a ticket for the tunnel bus which costed 3.75! which is cheaper than the toll itself. I went through the tunnel and missed my first stop in Detriot where Jake was waiting for me. Luckily i talked to the bus driver and she dropped me off right there and I walked down the street. I also forgot to mention that we all had to get off the bus and go through customs..which was scary, especially because I was taking the risk of using my passport which was expired!!!! i was sweating bullets. but thank the Lord they didn't say anything and let me across. I also left my luggage on the bus, because i was the only one on the bus with luggage so I didn't know we were supposed to have brought it in and have it scanned. SO a border patrol guy went on the bus before we were allowed to go back on and wait, and he came back in and said everything was clear.. he TOTALLY didnt see my luggage that I had under my seat! which i was very thankful for.

Jake picked me up and we had a lovely drive to his house. It rained pretty hard on the way but I was SOOOOO relieved to have made it!!

The next morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast and got our stuffed packed for the trip to mackinac island. Jake's Aunt Jean let me borrow her SWEET bike. It was the best bike I have ever ridden and had a nice cushy seat. On our way, we stopped at Abbey's friend's house, Taylor, for her open house. We had a nice big lunch and then ventured on our way to Mackinaw. We arrived at our hotel, The Grand Aqua Inn or something like that. It was nice and had a water park, a pool and a very hot hot tub. We checked into the hotel and then went to get some supper. We drove around, parked at a few restaurants and decided that it wasn't our scene. Finally we decided on an Italian Restaurant. It was decorated with stuffed animals, and I don't mean the cute fluffy play toys, but the once alive, now dead, wild animal kind. There were deer hanging from the ceiling, bears by the fireplace and an assortment of other woodland creatures all over. It was sure interesting to look at.

After supper, we walked around and looked at all the stores. We didn't end up buying anything, but it was fun to look around. We went back to the hotel where Jake and I spent the rest of the night swimming.

The next day, we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. It was the most beautiful day! We boarded the fairy with out bikes down below. We sat on the upper deck where it was the windiest, but also held the best view. It was very pituresque, but as we all know, pictures never do a beautiful place justice, you just have to be there. I jumped every single time the fog horn went off. When we got to the island, we hopped on our bikes and rode around. It was so exciting. I love this place. No cars to worry about. Our first stop on the bike ride led us to the Butterfly museum. We got stickers to put on ourselves so that they knew we had paid, but Jake refused to put on his sticker because of his issue with stickers haha. After that, we peddeled up hill to the highest point on the island. On the way there, we stopped to pet a cat named whiskers. He was so cute. The houses were all very lovely to look at. The whole day felt very realer than real life, it's hard to describe. Everything felt very vibrant and fresh. Lilacs lined the roads and the aroma was so pleasing to my nostrils haha. When we reached the top, we had a picnic lunch. A seagull had joined us and wanted our food of course. After we had finished eating, Jake gave the seagull a Vienna Finger. The silly bird ate the icing and then the whole cookie. It looked quite disgusting as we could see the shape of the cookie in its neck. The way back down from the top was the most exciting part. I have never rode so fast on a bike and it was very exhilarating. There were no cars to worry about. I had to slow down once for some horse back riders to cross, but that was it. Jake couldn't go as fast as I could because of his old broken bike, but it was still a lot of fun.

we got into town where we looked at the house Jake's dad lived in during the summer's when he was a boy. Then we went and to the fudge shop where Jake's parents worked at when they were younger. I still have yet to eat my fudge..yumm. Then we looked around some stores, and Jake bought me a beanie baby lobster named Pinchers! We got icecream which was delicious. Then we walked to the lakeside where we skipped stones. There weren't a lot of skipping stones so Jake and I made up a game where one person throws a rock into the lake and the other person throws a rock to try and hit the other person's rock in the air. It was fun. Then it was about time to head back on the fairy. I was tired by this point and rested in Jake's arms on the fairy. It was very enjoyable. I think i am spellin fairie wrong..but I don't think I want to change it right now. We headed back to Jake's house and stopped on the way at pizza hut. It was scrumtious. We played the animal game and got to the letter N and quit. It did make the drive go by faster. Jake didn't sleep on the ride home, which suprised me. He was raring to go. Maybe all the pizza.

We got back to his house about 1030ish and got ready for beddy bonkins. It was such a wonderful day and I hope to go again someday.

I shall write about the rest of the weekend later. But believe me, I had an extrodinary time and I am glad the Barney's invited me to go! I have the BEST boyfriend in the world.

I shall post pictures in a little while.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Distance stinks

I miss my boy terribly today. I cannot sleep :(

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh It's a Lovely 'oliday with you Jake,

I attended the wedding of Matt and Alyssum now Laird. I loved the colours she had chosen for the wedding. The bright green was very unique and pretty paired with purple and a hint of yellow. Very appropriate for spring. I will write more about the wedding elsewhere (I'm starting a new blog for fun...cal
led "Here comes the Blog" bahaha, and its going to be a Bridesmaid's resume. Its just going to be funny thin
gs about weddings and my involvement in them from guest book manager, to bridesmaid to guest, to crasher.
After the wedding, I caught a ride with JD Vanvalin back to Spring Arbor where Jake was waiting patiently in the Church parking lot. I haven't been wor
king and have zero monies therefore Jake so graciously paid JD gas money. I will pay him back one day.

It was good to be at Jake's home again. I had missed everyone! I arrived about 8:30 and Jake had told me that we were having a BONFIRE! Various kinds of hotdogs, smores supplies and condiments lined the picnic table. It was the perfect night for a bonfire. Jake's Dad had built the fire and Abbey, Jake's Mom, along with Jake's Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug ( I have an aunt jean and uncle doug as well) and Nick, Angie and baby Drew were all in attendance. Before we got comfy around the fire, Jake and I decided to go fishing. The lake is right 
beside the bonfire, so we were close by. I used Nick's old fishing pole and his n
ew lure. I was lucky enough to catch a fish on the second cast. I was a bit nervous reeling him up, but it was exciting! I ended up catching a 22 inch catfish. They didn't even know that catfish were still existing in that Lake due to the fact that no one has caught one in about 5 or more years.
We then all sat around the fire roasting wieners and marshmellows for smores. It was very relaxing and I couldn't imagine a better ending to any day. Even Gus and Ned were able to hang around the bonfire with us.
We all started getting tired and ventured back to the house. The rest of the night was spent watching television and getting a good sleep since the next day was Abbey's open house.
Abbey has graduated from Highschool and is attending Spring Arbor next year. Jake's parents woke up at about 7 AM to finish preparing the food for the party. Jake and I had one job and that was to put the tablcloths on the tables outside. We had to tape them down and his Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug helped us out as well. The guests started to arrive at 1 oclock and kept on trickling through until about 4:30. There were approximately 250 people at the party and they all were able to enjoy various kinds of meatballs, cheesy potatoe (like party potatoes), Salads,
 and rolls. The cupcakes were especially delicious and made from scratch by Jake's mom and Aunt. They were filled with either lemon, cherry or something else that I can't remember and also contained fudge in the bottom. YUMMY.During the open house, Jake's job was to take pictures of the party. I helped him by sitting with him on the hill while he zoomed up on unsuspecting guests and captured them eating cupcakes or drinking coffee.

Jake and I napped until about 5ish. Angie made some coffee for her and I and I took mine outside with Jake. We went by the lake and sat on the bench with Gus at our feet. Nick and his friends were fishing so we watched them not having as much luck as I did the previous night.
After that, Jake lent me some clothes and cleats so I could come along and play soccer. We had a lovely drive to the highschool where we first helped unload the chairs that they borrowed from the Highschool for Abbey's party. I was on Jake's team for soccer and I knew a lot of the people on Jake's team so that was nice. Jake bought me a powerade which I hoped would help me with soccer. Mojo was on the other team and I was afraid of him. He was pretty fast, but I was afraid that he might really show me up or that I would try to get the ball away from him but end up kicking him hard. I was nervous playing, but I really had a great time. Even though my feet had blisters and my soccer socks kept falling down, I still wanted to play more when everyone started to leave. Jake was the best at soccer, of course. He would come out of no where and keep the ball away from everyone on the other team. I would be scared if I was the other team. He scored two great goals.

Once soccer was over, we went to Nick's new house to see it. Nick and Angie haven't moved in yet, but today we are going over there to help clean it. It is a very cute house and I am sure Angie will post pictures on facebook or her own blog. So I don't want to talk too much about the house, since I am sure Angie cannot wait to tell everyone about it! There was even a cute lil tree frog resting on the fence in their backyard which Jake held in his hands.

Next we went back to the Barney's residence and ate some yummins. No wait, actually we went fishin first. Jake and I both caught one bass each. Jake caught his first and it was a lot bigger than the bass I ended up catching a few minutes later. It started getting dark and cold and thats when we went to the house for some dinner. Jake's mom was asleep on the couch and Jake's dad was watching "Jesse James is a Dead Man" So we watch
ed it as we ate our food. That guy is CRAZY, that's all I have to say about that show.
After we had showers we watched some more television and got ready for beddy bonkins.

Now for Today!
We were able to sleep in this morning and Jake's mom made us breakfast, which was very nice. Jake had to go to work at noon and I was going to go to Angie's for the afternoon and watch Anne of Green Gables. I went over, but she must have been in the shower, I should have called her before. So I went to work with Jake which is where I am at this very moment!
He is photocopying a sheet that I spilled water on accide
ntly :p whoops! I was a help though when we had to do the mail over at M&D earlier this afternoon. That was fun. Jake has to work until 5, so I am keeping myself occupied till then.
After work we are picking up Abbey and heading over to Nick and Angie's new house to help with cleaning. An incentive to help with the cleaning is Chinese food, I'm down for that. Once we finish cleaning we are going to the mall and then the movies which we will be using the Great bucket which Jake has purchased that gets us 50 cent refills until June 2010. awesome right! and its a big bucket. Here is a picture fo the bucket that Jake was showing me on webcam. It fits over his entire head!

Well that is all for now, I am getting pretty tired of typing right now, So I will finish the rest of my time here later.