Sunday, August 1, 2010

Premarital Bliss

Less than 3 weeks!
I can't believe it!
I want it to come fast for more reasons than even the obvious.
I cannot wait to marry Jake, but I also cannot wait to be done with all the wedding prep.
I mean it is the beginning...when you are dreaming and planning..but in order to make those dreams and plans a reality, there requires work, a lot of work.
we have decided to do a real DIY wedding.
From the food to the music to the favours, programs, invites, tablecloth, place setting, decorating, (ALLLL decorating) altering my dress, the boys attire, stressing about last minute changes to accommodations, it all seems....exhausting!!!
anyways, I should really not complain because my mom and others as well as Jake have really done a lot of work as well.
Rachelle engraved a beautiful vase for our sand ceremony!
Jake made the monogram for the invites which I made
Jake and I made the pew bows together this weekend
Jake made the music mix for the dancing
My mom and I made all the bouquets
My mom shopped for and bought all the plates, silverware, fabric for tablecloths, and decor
My mom and I made puffy tissue paper giant flowers to hang
My mom tied ribbon on all the bubbles
My mom put together all the favours
My mom and I have been experimenting with our wedding cake (another DIY)
Jake made the programs...very cute! he drew flowers on them. cute.
Jake is also working on making the slideshow..he is great!

I bet there is lots more.. but I am too tired to think of it all. Basically..I think it will be a very unique wedding, a little less traditional perhaps. I think we will have a wedding that represents us very well.

So. I can't wait till we work on more stuff tomorrow and hopefully get stuff done so we can take a breather before the wedding.

Good night. I was actually going to talk about premarital counseling and what I learned.. but I am much too tired and need my sleep. I feel grouchy today. sooo goodnight world!