Friday, November 6, 2009

New Post:

I have yet again neglected my blog.
I also have neglected my workouts.
I have been struggling to lose my chubby tummy.
This summer, I seemed to gain weight and now is the time to lose it.
How you ask?
Well I am keeping track of my calories that I consume as part of it.
I tend to eat a LOT.
Much more than I need.
It's probably over 2000 cals I have been consuming on a regular basis.
So I am attempting to cut about 500 cals every day.
Last night it was hard, and I could have eaten a couple hundred more calories.
I didn't.
I felt good this morning about my self control and am now enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee.
I actually felt more like getting out of bed since I was feeling hungry and excited to eat my oatmeal.
The second step to my weight loss goals is to workout.
I was going to the gym everyday for at least two hours.
My workouts consisted of running and eliptical adding up to 7 miles.
I did this for a month and a half and didn't notice a whole lot of progress.
I felt like I built up a lot of endurance and I feel that I can breathe a whole lot better now while working out.
But now, it's winter.
I don't shave my legs as often and going to the gym in shorts just doesn't sound appealing.
I am now doing workout videos.
The CRUNCH series.
The instructor girl feels like she is my friend.
I particularly like the dance off the inches hip hop dance party.
I am begining to love these videos and might get more becuase I feel that they become addictive.
I have been two days on this new lifestyle and I already feel a lot better.
More energetic.
Well I think that's enough about my new workout regime.
It''s almost time for class and I still need to get dressed.

That's all for now!