Sunday, February 15, 2009

With Love

BEST Valentine's Day I have ever had! 

Jake picked me up to go to his home with flowers in his hand. A small little note that went with them, the thought of him bringing me flowers still makes me smile! I Love them. Pink, white and red. He loves me. 
Next we went to his house, where there was a gift on the table for me. It was wrapped with shiny red paper with ribbons and bows. I opened the gift that he promised I would love. Boy, do I love that gift! It was the Anne of Green Gables series on DVD!! I couldn't believe it! I had NO idea! I was estatic really. If you know my love for Anne, you would know that I was jumping with excitement. Literally I was. Jake popped in the movie, and we snuggled on the coach watching the first one. So sweet of him to watch it with me, definately not the type of movie he is in to. He did not fall asleep and actually paid attention. It was the perfect afternoon! It was better than even I could have imagined. As much as I loved the gifts, being with Jake is what makes me really happy. I love him very much.
A quote from Anne Shirley, "I don't want marble halls and sunbursts, all I want is you"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday!

I am now 23...still young though I feel. Yesterday was my birthday and it was definately a memorable one. The one who made it extra special was my wonderful boyfriend Jake. He definately makes me feel special. Yesterday was a very busy day for us both, with night classes, k-house meetings and soccer practice filling up our evening. I went over to Jake's K-house at 7 (earlier than i had thought i would be) and much to my suprise he had a pot in his hand and was starting to make me dinner!! and Jake does NOT cook. Since I was early, I helped him with making fetticini alfredo, which he knew was my fav. pasta. He had bought all the ingrediants to make the alfredo from scratch. We chopped up garlic and our hands smelled of it even today.. but the fetticini alfredo was REALLY good!! and Im not just saying that. He also got salad and coke for us to drink..all things I really like!

Tonight Jake took me to the theatre to see "New In Town" a chick flick. It definately was a movie Jake would never go and see, but he knew i wanted to see it and wanted to take i let him. It was a lot of fun just sharing popcorn and pop and holding hands in the movies, I didnt actually particularly like the movie a whole lot, but the fact that Jake took me, and spent all that money, specially on the over priced pop and popcorn!!! 3.90 for a small pop, and 5.90 for a small meant alot to me. I appreciate everything he does for me, he makes my heart melt.

We just got back now, and the weather is CRAZY!! the wind was pushing the car a lil and it was VERY dark out. Well, I had more to write, but my eyes cant stay open any longer...and school i will blog later...

P.S ...Is anyone else having the problem with seeing other peoples decorative blog i cant see mine or anyone elses cute pages. only the words. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl!

Normally, I would not care an ounce about the super bowl, but since there was going to be Chili at this particular party, I was enticed to come. After eating a delicious meal of Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables and the yummiest of rolls, we searched for cheaper text books online and bought Jake's books for approx 120 dollars, which full price would have cost over 400! At 530 we ventured on over to Nick and Angie's house with The Barney Parents and Sister. We had great chili and other various treats. Dave, T-Rav, uhh...who else..i think there was one more of Nick and Jake's friends..but i cannot remember.. oh yah and Tim were all there. I held Baby Drew for a little while, he makes the FUNNIEST faces. Mr. Barney claims that Drew looks like him, black hair and bald top of the head..which is true..he kinda does look like him. Overall I think he looks like Angie. 

Well, I have much work to do and need to finish lunch, I will write more later.