Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Beautiful Photoless Memories

The day started out beautifully! I layed outside on blankets with Marjie, Elin, and Felice. We ate lunch outside and then tanned for a good portion of the afternoon. The breeze felt wonderful as the hot sun warmed us up. We tried to imagine we were on the beach, but the noise of construction workers in the distance and boys playing basketball made it difficult. I had a shower after this and ventured over to Jake's house. I found him playing Halo with Matt Mosley. Jake and I played for a little bit then went on an adventure!!
Before we left we ate some icecream bars which were free from Hutch's (their freezer broke down and they were giving away ice cream!) We decided we were still very hungry so we went to Marino's Pizza. There we got a large pizza and pops and decided to eat there. I have never seen that pizza place so crowded, with old people!! It must have been some sort of convention. I recognized one being Dr. Newhouse. So we ate about half our pizza and decided to drive around looking for things to photograph for Jake's portfolio. Our first stop was an old abandoned factory. We took some photos there, a few of them portriots of yours truly. We went around the side and I opened up one of the doors, it was really creepy in there. I thought I heard a noise so I ran away. Next we went to Jake's Grandpa's feild where he took a photograph of the sign that says "keep out" right by the lake. Then we drove down this road on the way to lime lake and got out to take pictures of the miniature horses. They were so cute! only one was close enough for Jake to photograph. We tried to call it over to get even closer. Then we stopped at another field where the sun was so bright and golden over this green hilly field. It was very pretty and Jake photographed this. Lime Lake was next on our journey. We found a very secluded area where Jake took a picture of me sitting on the shore looking off into the distance as one of his "solitude pictures" Then, we took a few pictures of rocks dropping in the water so he could get the splash in a photo. I climbed up in a little tree and Jake took a picture of me which he said his professor is going to love. We hung around Lime Lake under the tree for a while and looked at the clouds. It was the perfect day!! We had the windows rolled down in the car and music up loud. It felt like we were really living. I loved that day! (actually, the pictures from the factory happened the day before now that i think about it... anyways) Oh, and just before we went home, we drove to this kinda quarrey looking place, and the sun was setting and there was a forest at the back of the quarrey looking place. Jake stood on his car and took a picture, then he took a picture of me. Then, we saw a man standing at the edge of the forest, he seemed to come out of no where. We got in the car and suddenly, the man just dissapeared!! I couldn't believe it! he really seemed to vanish! I looked all over and it boggles my mind how that man seemed to vanish from my sight. Jake thought so too, but he didn't think about it too much. It was very strange though.
We got back from taking photographs and Jake was so excited to develop them that he went there right away. I played guitar hero and he came back from the lab within five minutes. The poor boy looked distraught and held open his empty camera. He had forgotten to put the film in! It was in the back of his mind the whole time that he wasn't positive if there was film, but you can't check it anyways in case there was. Plus the camera was winding as if it had film in it. Needless to say, Jake was very disspointed and so was I. He worked very hard the last couple of days to get really amazing pictures and he took his time and thought them through. I could tell he was very proud of the work he had done, but there was no way to see the results of this work.
Today I told him I would go with him and we would recreate all the pictures. It was tough to do, espeically since today it stormed and was very rainy. He had to get the pictures done though since the lab is only open till 5 today. He has had a tough day today, with other things as well. I think that I will go back to my room and see what i can scrounge up to make him supper or something to cheer him up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Fun Times!!

This weekend was just packed full with fun things!! I had a lot of homework to do this weekend, and got most of it done, but still managed to have a ton of fun..

Friday: Went shopping in Howell with Jake, Abbey, Mr and Mrs Barney. We went to the outlet stores and Mrs. Barney had bought me a shirt and also they gave me money and i used it to buy the cutest dress! We had Applebees for supper and Mr.Barney was extremely hungry. I had salad adn Jake got fish and chips and we split both. It was unlimited fish, so it worked out well and the salad was huge! we had a great time. Then, Jake and I went out to ram around town. We looked at HDTVs, video games, went to the mall and just looked around places. 

Saturday: I planned a picnic and we ate outside on blankets. We had tuna sandwhiches, crackers, cheese and chocolate milk. I even bought flowers to make it look pretty. We had a lovely afternoon nap outside in the sun. Then we went out to eat at the chinese buffet place. it was amazing!! tons and tons of food and it was very good. Jake is SOOOO good to me. Taking me everywhere, we go out to eat all the time. 

Sunday: Went to Jake's Grandmothers house for Easter after church. A lot of people were there. It was good to meet some other family that I hadn't met. We went back to the Barneys' house and had a nap and Angie, Nick and Drew came over. Then jake and I went back to my house. 
Later we went over to Nicks to play some Halo with their friends. Then Jake and I wanted to Eat Great Even Late, but Wendys was closed!! so we went to burger king. We came back to his house and watched Bedtime stories. 

Monday: Went to Wendys' for a late lunch after we slept in. Then we went to the mall and bought some shower gel with the gift card the Barney's gave me for Easter. Then we went to see "Knowing" at the theatre. It was scary and I held tightly to Jake for most of the movie. 
I am very lucky to have a boyfriend who is SOO generous. I also love his spontaneity. We have so many dates and rarely do we ever plan them. Mostly we just do what we feel like at the time and we have soo much fun together. 

I have to go to bed now. Good night!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It smells like you...

Marjie did an AMAZING violin recital this evening, i enjoyed it thouroughly. Now that I am learning how to play the violin, I have a greater appreciation for how hard that instrument is! 
After the recital, jake and I made some Velveeta macarroni and cheese and watched sponge bob! we played some guitar hero and he took me to get sundaes from mcdonalds.. but there icecream wasnt on at this time of night...dumb. i was cold, so i am now still wearing Jakes sweatshirt. So comfy and it smells SO good. He might have a hard time getting it back from me...Anyways, tommorow will be a fun day as we head to ....oh man.. i cant even remember the name..oh yah..Howell, where we are going to the outlet stores with Jakes mom, me, and maybe Jakes Aunt Jean (Bean) Abbey perhaps..who knows. okay i am going to bed now because I have to get up early and do homeworks!!!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Procrastination is to Me as Jam is to bread

9:30pm (now)- not completed assessment portfoilio (MAJOR project)
I drank a Venti Carmello full of chocolatey, carmel goodness loaded with caffeine not to mention sugar. Did complete 6 lesson plans, but need to revise and come up with assessments for them. not just assessments but GOOOOD assessments and explanations and bla bla blah.. good assignment, but i have too much to do. 

I am praying for a snowstorm tommorow and so should you. I figure...if there is a snowstorm.. we will have no chapel and classes..that way i have ALL day to finish this portfolio up and make it real good. and then the class in which it is due, would be cancelled and we would even have a whole nother week to finish it up.. actually TWO weeks since we have next monday off!!! WHOAH!! that would be AWESOME AWESOME!!! I hope this happens!

I am totally distracted right now.. I was staring at the back of this girls hair, it reminds me of a horse...its SUPER long and wavy like a horse would keep your back very warm. Im in the library right now. 

Today Jake and I went to his parents house for lunch..the chicken was SOOO good... mmm yummy!! I really love Jake's parents. They are wonderful to me and Jake and everyone. Angie, nick and drew were there too. fun times. I had a nap and we watched sponge bob. I was going to do homework, but i was just too tired. Jake is developing his pictures right now and I cannot wait to see them! thats why i am heading over there pretty soon. I was going to do homework till at least 11...but since tommorow is a snow day...and we havent had one in YEARS at this school... i will have time to do it tomorrow. I spell tomorrow wrong constantly..ive been doing it for my whole life, and i am trying to break the habit. i spelled it wrong already i know, but i dont feel like going back and correcting it. 

Gazing into the future: Good Friday, Jake, Mrs. Barney and I are going shopping in Howell at the outlet stores. I am going to help Jake pick out some hot outfits..haha. Sunday we are going to Jakes Grandparents (moores) house for Easter Dinner...its going to be fun i know!! Which reminds me i have to give her the thankyou card for my bday present!! that was SO long ago.. but its better late than never. 

Well this post is random indeed.. and now i am leaving.