Friday, November 6, 2009

New Post:

I have yet again neglected my blog.
I also have neglected my workouts.
I have been struggling to lose my chubby tummy.
This summer, I seemed to gain weight and now is the time to lose it.
How you ask?
Well I am keeping track of my calories that I consume as part of it.
I tend to eat a LOT.
Much more than I need.
It's probably over 2000 cals I have been consuming on a regular basis.
So I am attempting to cut about 500 cals every day.
Last night it was hard, and I could have eaten a couple hundred more calories.
I didn't.
I felt good this morning about my self control and am now enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee.
I actually felt more like getting out of bed since I was feeling hungry and excited to eat my oatmeal.
The second step to my weight loss goals is to workout.
I was going to the gym everyday for at least two hours.
My workouts consisted of running and eliptical adding up to 7 miles.
I did this for a month and a half and didn't notice a whole lot of progress.
I felt like I built up a lot of endurance and I feel that I can breathe a whole lot better now while working out.
But now, it's winter.
I don't shave my legs as often and going to the gym in shorts just doesn't sound appealing.
I am now doing workout videos.
The CRUNCH series.
The instructor girl feels like she is my friend.
I particularly like the dance off the inches hip hop dance party.
I am begining to love these videos and might get more becuase I feel that they become addictive.
I have been two days on this new lifestyle and I already feel a lot better.
More energetic.
Well I think that's enough about my new workout regime.
It''s almost time for class and I still need to get dressed.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In His Image

As I finished reading chapter 1 in Genesis yesterday I had not had time to mention in my blog about God creating man. (Gen 1:27) "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. " Actually, now as I just type those words a thought has come to my mind. God had not yet created Eve, but it mentions how females are also created in the image of God. When God created Adam, He must have known there would be a counterpart such as a woman, since I'm sure all the animals had the opposite sex. He would have had to place the XY chromosomes in the male. I have to go work out right now before classs and finish homework.. but if anyone has any insight to that, tell me please. I will be back later with more.

Alright I am back. I only have a few moments till I have to get ready to go to Jake's soccer game! I hope he is feeling well enough to play. I just got back from class and taught a lesson as if i were teaching piano lessons. The lesson I created was with a younger child in mind. I introduced intervals and Clark, guy in my class, interrupted my lesson and said, "I want you as piano teacher!" everyone loved my lesson and those few words made a big impact on my confidence in becoming a piano teacher. I think i really want to take this seriously and teach piano as much as possible in the near future.

OK, to get back on track I am looking at the end of Genesis Chapter 1. I know it seems like I am taking a really long time to read the Bible, but I suppose that is okay. I just want to take it slow and think upon what God is saying to me at this particular time in my life.
So after the 6th day on which God created man...wait a second. As I am reading chapter 2 I suddenly realize that it seems as though the second chapter is backtracking. I am unsure of this, but that's how I read it. The second chapter I believe goes back to the sixth day. Saying that Adam and Eve were created on the same day. I think this makes sense...but perhaps I am reading it wrong. I am not sure.
Anyways, after God created everything, he took a rest on the seventh day.
This is HUGE! The Almighty Powerful God of the Universe rested after 6 days of work. I doubt God NEEDED a rest, but perhaps he took a rest to set an example for us. We are only human and I don't believe we are supposed to work work work non stop without a day to refocus and rest not only our bodies, but our minds.
I must now leave. Soccer time babay! It's such a beautiful day for soccer too!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In the Beginning.

Sitting here drinking my coffee out of my Jake the soccer player mug, I had the thought that I should post my readings from the Bible as a sort of journaling/devotion/keeping me accountable type thing.

So without further ado...
Genesis 1, The Beginning.

As I begin to read how God began to create the world, I am suddenly aware how clear God is about things we debate about such as the age of the Earth. I am not one for debate, but I will give my thought and opinion on this. Perhaps no one will agree with me on this one, but nonetheless, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

I am not a Biblical scholar without a doubt, and this is honestly the first time that I am going to read the Bible straight through. I have attempted this a number of times, but have never succeeded.
Anyways, if I were to take God's word as is, I would plainly see the evidence that the World which we live in was created not billions or even millions of years ago, but only thousands of years. First of all, there is no evidence in the Bible that the Earth is billions of years old. There is no evidence that there was life before Adam on Earth. There could not have been sin before the fall of man. How could the earth have existed millions or billions of years before God decided to make Adam? I mean, I'm sure it could have, but that is not what the Bible says to me.

In my Old Testament class, our professor believed in an old earth. He studied Hebrew, or Aramaic...which ever the OT was written in.. and interpreted the "THE" in the verse.."in THE beginning as "a". His reasoning was something to do with the fact the word in the original language can mean EITHER the or a. I thought on this idea for a while and have recently decided against it. Our professor was saying that the significance of the Bible being translated as A beginning is that it implies it was just ONE beginning. As if to say, it was now a NEW beginning on earth where God was starting fresh with a new idea based upon an already created earth. I find this hard to swallow when looking at scripture. It plainly describes the process and order of the earth being created, from scratch no less. I also do not believe that there could have been death before there had been sin.
I know people may argue that science says the earth is old. Looking at rock formations, soil deposits and fossils, based on our interpretation and carbon 14 dating, we may see results that show us the earth is quite old. I don't know how accurate the dating is, and really do not have any experience in dating things, but from what I have learned in Geology class, Carbon-14 is not used to date rocks. Only things that were once living. From a scientific view, there are a lot of dating methods which 90% of them give far younger dates than what evolutionists choose to believe. I personally believe that dating methods are fallible and the word of God is infallible. When a scientists' evidence doesn't match up with what is clearly stated in the Bible, this does not entitle us to change the meaning of the text. Many have reinterpreted the word "day" saying that perhaps a day was much longer, maybe years? I do not see how anyone could interpret this that way. To reaffirm that a day is a 24hour period, God has even added, "There was evenin, and there was morning- the first day."

I could get into how the flood would have a significant impact on carbon-14 dating, but I have already gone on long enough about this. Far more than I had intended.

This chapter on creation has got my imagination going. What would have been like to SEE the creation of the just six days. How miraculous! I hope God kept a video of this spectacle. Wow! those are the words that come to my mind when I take a moment to visualize what this would have all looked like.

I want to write more, but alas, it is time to get on with my day. Jake is coming to pick me up very shortly to go to town, perhaps I will write more about what I get out of this chapter later tonight..but then again, I probably won't. I have a ton of homework to do! well until tomorrow!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Suprise!

Wow! Everywhere I go it seems like women are awaiting the arrival of their precious lil ones any day now. I am writing about babies because on this particular day, I am struck by the amazing gift God has given not only to us in the form of babies, but the gift of motherhood. I have heard that today Rachel Hunt is going to pick up her adopted baby at the airport! He is the same age as Drew and he is adorable from the pictures I have seen. I know they have been praying for his arrival for a long time now and am sure they are experiencing something they never have before.

Somewhere else in the world, but actually not far off another little woman has welcomed her precious FOUR newborn babies into the world. Jennie has given birth to quadruplets and I am sure Brittney has the 411 on that one. I can't imagine having four babies at one time! I would imagine Jennie must be feeling an overwhelming sense of Love, and with that, I am sure she wonders how she will care for these tiny babes. How awesome it is though that we know God loves them more than anyone and will give Jennie and Nich the strength they need.

Another mother who I get to hang out with most is Angie! She is such a great mommy! She loves Drew sooo much and Drew loves her. Angie told me that as soon as she had a baby her whole perspective changed. She was more concerned with Drew than herself. Putting her babies needs before herself. I do admire Angie a lot for her strength and maturity she has shown as a mother.

As for me, I won't be have any such babies in the near future.
In the future, I do hope and pray so. I think I would like 2-3 children.
I am excited for the day when I do become a mother but I am content with my life at the moment. I mean, I am not even married yet and I am way more excited about that than babies at this particular point. I am just writing this post to imagine how it must feel for rachel, jennie and angie, who are new mothers at different stages and different circumstances, yet they all share one common thing. A gift of love from God in the form of a baby.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joy! Joy! JOY!

Phillipians 4:6-7 " Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"

I am awake and ready for the first day of school. Class doesn't start till 930, yet I was awake at 545, partly due to Gus licking an icecream bowl Jake had left on the coffee table. The reason I couldn't fall back asleep was mostly due to my anxiety that comes with the first day of classes. Will my prof like me? Will the class be challenging enough that I will keep interested or will it be too much of a challenge and I will give up? Will I be able to handle everything this semester? Thoughts like these consumed my sleepy mind, and before long I had to get up and eat some breakfast. I took the time to have a moment to pray about the day, and no longer did I fell anxious. God has it all under control and even when trials and hard days come, God is always there with me. That in it self gives me great Joy. Knowing God has already has a plan and that He will follow through with it. I have decided to keep a prayer journal and today I am going to share with you some of the Blessings in my life right now!

here are just a few;
I am healthy, I have food and a place to live, I am back in school, My grandma is doing great, I enjoy going to Cascades Baptist church and plan on getting involved somehow. My family is doing great, making new friends on campus, Mandy got a new job, Jake is getting healed up and getting lots of playing time. Jake and I have been dating almost 10 months and its so wonderful. Abbey and I are becoming good friends, I am able to work out and eat healthy and seeing results slowly but surely, I have time before classes to spend time with God and blog a bit. God's faithfulness and love. 

I have a lot to praise God for and have realized that I really do need to praise Him everyday, and be in constant prayer with Him. 

Monday, July 13, 2009

In Love with My Best Friend

My dearest boyfriend is gone for the night, sleeping in a cabin with a bunch of campers. I miss him. I talked to him around dinner time, but our nightly webcam dates this week will have to be non-existant. I have had time this evening to reflect on our relationship and the incredible blessing God has given me in Jake. So many people today are conformists, yet Jake is not. He is so genuine and original, among many things, but those were the ones i had been thinking about this evening. There is no one like him. I love him tremendously, and now it is off to bed with all these good thoughts and feelings lingering, I am hoping they will transend into pleasant dreams.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mackinac Island Weekend.

Friday was quite an adventure in itself. I went to work in the morning, then hopped aboard a train to take me to windsor. The train ticket was $15 so i thought it was worth it. Then I walked about 45 mins from the windsor train station in the rain, Luckily i had a rain jacket, and my luggage. I bought a ticket for the tunnel bus which costed 3.75! which is cheaper than the toll itself. I went through the tunnel and missed my first stop in Detriot where Jake was waiting for me. Luckily i talked to the bus driver and she dropped me off right there and I walked down the street. I also forgot to mention that we all had to get off the bus and go through customs..which was scary, especially because I was taking the risk of using my passport which was expired!!!! i was sweating bullets. but thank the Lord they didn't say anything and let me across. I also left my luggage on the bus, because i was the only one on the bus with luggage so I didn't know we were supposed to have brought it in and have it scanned. SO a border patrol guy went on the bus before we were allowed to go back on and wait, and he came back in and said everything was clear.. he TOTALLY didnt see my luggage that I had under my seat! which i was very thankful for.

Jake picked me up and we had a lovely drive to his house. It rained pretty hard on the way but I was SOOOOO relieved to have made it!!

The next morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast and got our stuffed packed for the trip to mackinac island. Jake's Aunt Jean let me borrow her SWEET bike. It was the best bike I have ever ridden and had a nice cushy seat. On our way, we stopped at Abbey's friend's house, Taylor, for her open house. We had a nice big lunch and then ventured on our way to Mackinaw. We arrived at our hotel, The Grand Aqua Inn or something like that. It was nice and had a water park, a pool and a very hot hot tub. We checked into the hotel and then went to get some supper. We drove around, parked at a few restaurants and decided that it wasn't our scene. Finally we decided on an Italian Restaurant. It was decorated with stuffed animals, and I don't mean the cute fluffy play toys, but the once alive, now dead, wild animal kind. There were deer hanging from the ceiling, bears by the fireplace and an assortment of other woodland creatures all over. It was sure interesting to look at.

After supper, we walked around and looked at all the stores. We didn't end up buying anything, but it was fun to look around. We went back to the hotel where Jake and I spent the rest of the night swimming.

The next day, we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. It was the most beautiful day! We boarded the fairy with out bikes down below. We sat on the upper deck where it was the windiest, but also held the best view. It was very pituresque, but as we all know, pictures never do a beautiful place justice, you just have to be there. I jumped every single time the fog horn went off. When we got to the island, we hopped on our bikes and rode around. It was so exciting. I love this place. No cars to worry about. Our first stop on the bike ride led us to the Butterfly museum. We got stickers to put on ourselves so that they knew we had paid, but Jake refused to put on his sticker because of his issue with stickers haha. After that, we peddeled up hill to the highest point on the island. On the way there, we stopped to pet a cat named whiskers. He was so cute. The houses were all very lovely to look at. The whole day felt very realer than real life, it's hard to describe. Everything felt very vibrant and fresh. Lilacs lined the roads and the aroma was so pleasing to my nostrils haha. When we reached the top, we had a picnic lunch. A seagull had joined us and wanted our food of course. After we had finished eating, Jake gave the seagull a Vienna Finger. The silly bird ate the icing and then the whole cookie. It looked quite disgusting as we could see the shape of the cookie in its neck. The way back down from the top was the most exciting part. I have never rode so fast on a bike and it was very exhilarating. There were no cars to worry about. I had to slow down once for some horse back riders to cross, but that was it. Jake couldn't go as fast as I could because of his old broken bike, but it was still a lot of fun.

we got into town where we looked at the house Jake's dad lived in during the summer's when he was a boy. Then we went and to the fudge shop where Jake's parents worked at when they were younger. I still have yet to eat my fudge..yumm. Then we looked around some stores, and Jake bought me a beanie baby lobster named Pinchers! We got icecream which was delicious. Then we walked to the lakeside where we skipped stones. There weren't a lot of skipping stones so Jake and I made up a game where one person throws a rock into the lake and the other person throws a rock to try and hit the other person's rock in the air. It was fun. Then it was about time to head back on the fairy. I was tired by this point and rested in Jake's arms on the fairy. It was very enjoyable. I think i am spellin fairie wrong..but I don't think I want to change it right now. We headed back to Jake's house and stopped on the way at pizza hut. It was scrumtious. We played the animal game and got to the letter N and quit. It did make the drive go by faster. Jake didn't sleep on the ride home, which suprised me. He was raring to go. Maybe all the pizza.

We got back to his house about 1030ish and got ready for beddy bonkins. It was such a wonderful day and I hope to go again someday.

I shall write about the rest of the weekend later. But believe me, I had an extrodinary time and I am glad the Barney's invited me to go! I have the BEST boyfriend in the world.

I shall post pictures in a little while.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Distance stinks

I miss my boy terribly today. I cannot sleep :(

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh It's a Lovely 'oliday with you Jake,

I attended the wedding of Matt and Alyssum now Laird. I loved the colours she had chosen for the wedding. The bright green was very unique and pretty paired with purple and a hint of yellow. Very appropriate for spring. I will write more about the wedding elsewhere (I'm starting a new blog for
led "Here comes the Blog" bahaha, and its going to be a Bridesmaid's resume. Its just going to be funny thin
gs about weddings and my involvement in them from guest book manager, to bridesmaid to guest, to crasher.
After the wedding, I caught a ride with JD Vanvalin back to Spring Arbor where Jake was waiting patiently in the Church parking lot. I haven't been wor
king and have zero monies therefore Jake so graciously paid JD gas money. I will pay him back one day.

It was good to be at Jake's home again. I had missed everyone! I arrived about 8:30 and Jake had told me that we were having a BONFIRE! Various kinds of hotdogs, smores supplies and condiments lined the picnic table. It was the perfect night for a bonfire. Jake's Dad had built the fire and Abbey, Jake's Mom, along with Jake's Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug ( I have an aunt jean and uncle doug as well) and Nick, Angie and baby Drew were all in attendance. Before we got comfy around the fire, Jake and I decided to go fishing. The lake is right 
beside the bonfire, so we were close by. I used Nick's old fishing pole and his n
ew lure. I was lucky enough to catch a fish on the second cast. I was a bit nervous reeling him up, but it was exciting! I ended up catching a 22 inch catfish. They didn't even know that catfish were still existing in that Lake due to the fact that no one has caught one in about 5 or more years.
We then all sat around the fire roasting wieners and marshmellows for smores. It was very relaxing and I couldn't imagine a better ending to any day. Even Gus and Ned were able to hang around the bonfire with us.
We all started getting tired and ventured back to the house. The rest of the night was spent watching television and getting a good sleep since the next day was Abbey's open house.
Abbey has graduated from Highschool and is attending Spring Arbor next year. Jake's parents woke up at about 7 AM to finish preparing the food for the party. Jake and I had one job and that was to put the tablcloths on the tables outside. We had to tape them down and his Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug helped us out as well. The guests started to arrive at 1 oclock and kept on trickling through until about 4:30. There were approximately 250 people at the party and they all were able to enjoy various kinds of meatballs, cheesy potatoe (like party potatoes), Salads,
 and rolls. The cupcakes were especially delicious and made from scratch by Jake's mom and Aunt. They were filled with either lemon, cherry or something else that I can't remember and also contained fudge in the bottom. YUMMY.During the open house, Jake's job was to take pictures of the party. I helped him by sitting with him on the hill while he zoomed up on unsuspecting guests and captured them eating cupcakes or drinking coffee.

Jake and I napped until about 5ish. Angie made some coffee for her and I and I took mine outside with Jake. We went by the lake and sat on the bench with Gus at our feet. Nick and his friends were fishing so we watched them not having as much luck as I did the previous night.
After that, Jake lent me some clothes and cleats so I could come along and play soccer. We had a lovely drive to the highschool where we first helped unload the chairs that they borrowed from the Highschool for Abbey's party. I was on Jake's team for soccer and I knew a lot of the people on Jake's team so that was nice. Jake bought me a powerade which I hoped would help me with soccer. Mojo was on the other team and I was afraid of him. He was pretty fast, but I was afraid that he might really show me up or that I would try to get the ball away from him but end up kicking him hard. I was nervous playing, but I really had a great time. Even though my feet had blisters and my soccer socks kept falling down, I still wanted to play more when everyone started to leave. Jake was the best at soccer, of course. He would come out of no where and keep the ball away from everyone on the other team. I would be scared if I was the other team. He scored two great goals.

Once soccer was over, we went to Nick's new house to see it. Nick and Angie haven't moved in yet, but today we are going over there to help clean it. It is a very cute house and I am sure Angie will post pictures on facebook or her own blog. So I don't want to talk too much about the house, since I am sure Angie cannot wait to tell everyone about it! There was even a cute lil tree frog resting on the fence in their backyard which Jake held in his hands.

Next we went back to the Barney's residence and ate some yummins. No wait, actually we went fishin first. Jake and I both caught one bass each. Jake caught his first and it was a lot bigger than the bass I ended up catching a few minutes later. It started getting dark and cold and thats when we went to the house for some dinner. Jake's mom was asleep on the couch and Jake's dad was watching "Jesse James is a Dead Man" So we watch
ed it as we ate our food. That guy is CRAZY, that's all I have to say about that show.
After we had showers we watched some more television and got ready for beddy bonkins.

Now for Today!
We were able to sleep in this morning and Jake's mom made us breakfast, which was very nice. Jake had to go to work at noon and I was going to go to Angie's for the afternoon and watch Anne of Green Gables. I went over, but she must have been in the shower, I should have called her before. So I went to work with Jake which is where I am at this very moment!
He is photocopying a sheet that I spilled water on accide
ntly :p whoops! I was a help though when we had to do the mail over at M&D earlier this afternoon. That was fun. Jake has to work until 5, so I am keeping myself occupied till then.
After work we are picking up Abbey and heading over to Nick and Angie's new house to help with cleaning. An incentive to help with the cleaning is Chinese food, I'm down for that. Once we finish cleaning we are going to the mall and then the movies which we will be using the Great bucket which Jake has purchased that gets us 50 cent refills until June 2010. awesome right! and its a big bucket. Here is a picture fo the bucket that Jake was showing me on webcam. It fits over his entire head!

Well that is all for now, I am getting pretty tired of typing right now, So I will finish the rest of my time here later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Week of School

Bah..i am too tired to write on this blog. This is the last week of school and I have slight motivation to do anything.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Beautiful Photoless Memories

The day started out beautifully! I layed outside on blankets with Marjie, Elin, and Felice. We ate lunch outside and then tanned for a good portion of the afternoon. The breeze felt wonderful as the hot sun warmed us up. We tried to imagine we were on the beach, but the noise of construction workers in the distance and boys playing basketball made it difficult. I had a shower after this and ventured over to Jake's house. I found him playing Halo with Matt Mosley. Jake and I played for a little bit then went on an adventure!!
Before we left we ate some icecream bars which were free from Hutch's (their freezer broke down and they were giving away ice cream!) We decided we were still very hungry so we went to Marino's Pizza. There we got a large pizza and pops and decided to eat there. I have never seen that pizza place so crowded, with old people!! It must have been some sort of convention. I recognized one being Dr. Newhouse. So we ate about half our pizza and decided to drive around looking for things to photograph for Jake's portfolio. Our first stop was an old abandoned factory. We took some photos there, a few of them portriots of yours truly. We went around the side and I opened up one of the doors, it was really creepy in there. I thought I heard a noise so I ran away. Next we went to Jake's Grandpa's feild where he took a photograph of the sign that says "keep out" right by the lake. Then we drove down this road on the way to lime lake and got out to take pictures of the miniature horses. They were so cute! only one was close enough for Jake to photograph. We tried to call it over to get even closer. Then we stopped at another field where the sun was so bright and golden over this green hilly field. It was very pretty and Jake photographed this. Lime Lake was next on our journey. We found a very secluded area where Jake took a picture of me sitting on the shore looking off into the distance as one of his "solitude pictures" Then, we took a few pictures of rocks dropping in the water so he could get the splash in a photo. I climbed up in a little tree and Jake took a picture of me which he said his professor is going to love. We hung around Lime Lake under the tree for a while and looked at the clouds. It was the perfect day!! We had the windows rolled down in the car and music up loud. It felt like we were really living. I loved that day! (actually, the pictures from the factory happened the day before now that i think about it... anyways) Oh, and just before we went home, we drove to this kinda quarrey looking place, and the sun was setting and there was a forest at the back of the quarrey looking place. Jake stood on his car and took a picture, then he took a picture of me. Then, we saw a man standing at the edge of the forest, he seemed to come out of no where. We got in the car and suddenly, the man just dissapeared!! I couldn't believe it! he really seemed to vanish! I looked all over and it boggles my mind how that man seemed to vanish from my sight. Jake thought so too, but he didn't think about it too much. It was very strange though.
We got back from taking photographs and Jake was so excited to develop them that he went there right away. I played guitar hero and he came back from the lab within five minutes. The poor boy looked distraught and held open his empty camera. He had forgotten to put the film in! It was in the back of his mind the whole time that he wasn't positive if there was film, but you can't check it anyways in case there was. Plus the camera was winding as if it had film in it. Needless to say, Jake was very disspointed and so was I. He worked very hard the last couple of days to get really amazing pictures and he took his time and thought them through. I could tell he was very proud of the work he had done, but there was no way to see the results of this work.
Today I told him I would go with him and we would recreate all the pictures. It was tough to do, espeically since today it stormed and was very rainy. He had to get the pictures done though since the lab is only open till 5 today. He has had a tough day today, with other things as well. I think that I will go back to my room and see what i can scrounge up to make him supper or something to cheer him up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun Fun Times!!

This weekend was just packed full with fun things!! I had a lot of homework to do this weekend, and got most of it done, but still managed to have a ton of fun..

Friday: Went shopping in Howell with Jake, Abbey, Mr and Mrs Barney. We went to the outlet stores and Mrs. Barney had bought me a shirt and also they gave me money and i used it to buy the cutest dress! We had Applebees for supper and Mr.Barney was extremely hungry. I had salad adn Jake got fish and chips and we split both. It was unlimited fish, so it worked out well and the salad was huge! we had a great time. Then, Jake and I went out to ram around town. We looked at HDTVs, video games, went to the mall and just looked around places. 

Saturday: I planned a picnic and we ate outside on blankets. We had tuna sandwhiches, crackers, cheese and chocolate milk. I even bought flowers to make it look pretty. We had a lovely afternoon nap outside in the sun. Then we went out to eat at the chinese buffet place. it was amazing!! tons and tons of food and it was very good. Jake is SOOOO good to me. Taking me everywhere, we go out to eat all the time. 

Sunday: Went to Jake's Grandmothers house for Easter after church. A lot of people were there. It was good to meet some other family that I hadn't met. We went back to the Barneys' house and had a nap and Angie, Nick and Drew came over. Then jake and I went back to my house. 
Later we went over to Nicks to play some Halo with their friends. Then Jake and I wanted to Eat Great Even Late, but Wendys was closed!! so we went to burger king. We came back to his house and watched Bedtime stories. 

Monday: Went to Wendys' for a late lunch after we slept in. Then we went to the mall and bought some shower gel with the gift card the Barney's gave me for Easter. Then we went to see "Knowing" at the theatre. It was scary and I held tightly to Jake for most of the movie. 
I am very lucky to have a boyfriend who is SOO generous. I also love his spontaneity. We have so many dates and rarely do we ever plan them. Mostly we just do what we feel like at the time and we have soo much fun together. 

I have to go to bed now. Good night!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It smells like you...

Marjie did an AMAZING violin recital this evening, i enjoyed it thouroughly. Now that I am learning how to play the violin, I have a greater appreciation for how hard that instrument is! 
After the recital, jake and I made some Velveeta macarroni and cheese and watched sponge bob! we played some guitar hero and he took me to get sundaes from mcdonalds.. but there icecream wasnt on at this time of night...dumb. i was cold, so i am now still wearing Jakes sweatshirt. So comfy and it smells SO good. He might have a hard time getting it back from me...Anyways, tommorow will be a fun day as we head to ....oh man.. i cant even remember the name..oh yah..Howell, where we are going to the outlet stores with Jakes mom, me, and maybe Jakes Aunt Jean (Bean) Abbey perhaps..who knows. okay i am going to bed now because I have to get up early and do homeworks!!!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Procrastination is to Me as Jam is to bread

9:30pm (now)- not completed assessment portfoilio (MAJOR project)
I drank a Venti Carmello full of chocolatey, carmel goodness loaded with caffeine not to mention sugar. Did complete 6 lesson plans, but need to revise and come up with assessments for them. not just assessments but GOOOOD assessments and explanations and bla bla blah.. good assignment, but i have too much to do. 

I am praying for a snowstorm tommorow and so should you. I figure...if there is a snowstorm.. we will have no chapel and classes..that way i have ALL day to finish this portfolio up and make it real good. and then the class in which it is due, would be cancelled and we would even have a whole nother week to finish it up.. actually TWO weeks since we have next monday off!!! WHOAH!! that would be AWESOME AWESOME!!! I hope this happens!

I am totally distracted right now.. I was staring at the back of this girls hair, it reminds me of a horse...its SUPER long and wavy like a horse would keep your back very warm. Im in the library right now. 

Today Jake and I went to his parents house for lunch..the chicken was SOOO good... mmm yummy!! I really love Jake's parents. They are wonderful to me and Jake and everyone. Angie, nick and drew were there too. fun times. I had a nap and we watched sponge bob. I was going to do homework, but i was just too tired. Jake is developing his pictures right now and I cannot wait to see them! thats why i am heading over there pretty soon. I was going to do homework till at least 11...but since tommorow is a snow day...and we havent had one in YEARS at this school... i will have time to do it tomorrow. I spell tomorrow wrong constantly..ive been doing it for my whole life, and i am trying to break the habit. i spelled it wrong already i know, but i dont feel like going back and correcting it. 

Gazing into the future: Good Friday, Jake, Mrs. Barney and I are going shopping in Howell at the outlet stores. I am going to help Jake pick out some hot outfits..haha. Sunday we are going to Jakes Grandparents (moores) house for Easter Dinner...its going to be fun i know!! Which reminds me i have to give her the thankyou card for my bday present!! that was SO long ago.. but its better late than never. 

Well this post is random indeed.. and now i am leaving. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Love being Jake's Girlfriend

Hello all! It's been awhile and I apologize. I was away on choir tour to the midwest of Michigan. It was mostly non-fun,  although parts of it I did have a small amount of fun. I was happiest when I got back and had our final concert at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church and got to see my sweet boyfriend along with his family. Angie and Drew came along as well and I was happy they did. So since I have been requested to tell a Jake story from Brittney, I will do so.
Last night Jake had soccer practice till 6:30 while i hung around his house doing my laundry and talking to his roommates. We were reminscing about the days when Jake and I started liking each other, and I told them how Jake caught my interest when he came to my Halloween party. He was so kind and brought over his strobe light which we asked for. He came to the halloween party dressed as Johnny Appleseed and he was adorable. After that night I added him on facebook as a friend and wrote on his wall thanking him for coming and letting us borrow the strobe light. I still was intimidated by Jake a little but I would go over to his K-house all the time with Andrea. Jake was rarely ever there, but one day I went over in the afternoon to do laundry with Amanda Brucki, and we watched survivor. Jake came in and watched it with us and offered me some candy. We talked a little bit about painting and that was the first time we had a conversation. There is a lot more that comes after that, but it would take me a month to type it all out. So that was the early beginnings. ANYWAYS, that was quite the rabbit trail, now back to last night. Jake was all tuckered out after soccer practice, (I watched him for a little bit from my house) and so he layed his head on my lap and had a nice little nap. After this, we went out to "Culver's" where we both had doubly delicious butter burgers with fries and pop. I had never been to this place, but it was fun. Then we went to Meijer where he purchased 2 Xbox live 1 month-1 for me :). We headed back to his house where we played Halo 3, since I was going through withdrawl. I declared the month of April- Halo Month! 

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Soo..I thought today was the 20th of March.. hence the title of my previous post. I now realize I have been mistaken and i feel dumb for it. So I apologize and please ignore my previous post or pretend that it is a post from the future (tomorrow)

March 20th

4 months ago today, a handsome boy asked me to be his girlfriend. I am glad I made the right decision and never could have dreamed of anything better or anyone better suited for me than him. It's exciting to see how far 4 months has taken us. I've learned so much about this boy and yet am still learning. 
Tonight my mom is going to highlight my hair for me!! I am very excited about this becuase since Christmas time I have had to deal with the mistake of dying my hair red and then dark brown over top to cover it. I am seriously vowing never dye my hair dark again. I prefer to be blonde or at least light brown. I hope it turns out okay. I will also get a hair cut, which I am in dire need of one. I don't like cutting my hair, but a trim is neccessary. Jakes' hair has grown quite a bit since he got it cut. I like his hair a lot at this point in time, and he is planning on growing it out which I am sure I will like. He is such a goodlooking guy, I can't wait to see him tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Friends.

My days are filled with many things; ups and downs, excitement and dissapointment, suprises and the predictable. My days may be filled with many things, but they feel incomplete when I can't share them with you. I am thankful that you listen to me each night to tell you the details of my ordinary day. You are my best friend and I love you for who you are. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just got finished talking to Jake via Oovoo. It's amazing talking with him makes me feel so incredible. We webcam and its so awesome to hear his voice and see his handsome face. I have the runniest of all runny noses right now.. im not sure if its allergies or a sinus infection.. either way its annoying and I cannot sleep. I think I shall make some tea...While I do that, I am going to post some pictures of my favourite guy in the whole world. Some of them are ones we have taken on our webcam dates. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break Here I come!

Well, Spring break may be uneventful this year, but thats okay. I plan to get a lot of things accomplished by about wednesday such as read the book for anatomy and write the paper, do my assessment portfolio (huge project) and some other various lesson plans that I need to get done. 

I hung out with Carrie today, we had tea and looked at cars since she is looking to purchase a new one in the near future! 
Last night Rachelle slept over and we had a great time just talking for hours and much fun! 
Tonight I am going with my step cousin Jennifer and my mom to see slum dog millionaire.. I m not sure if I will like this movie or not..we will see.
That's all for now. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rain Drops on Roses

My favourite things...
There are so many wonderful things in life that I enjoy, so I will just mention a few.

Tea Time with the Ladies
Watching Jake play Soccer
Summer weather 
Written Letters from friends
Taking our time
Dance Parties
Baby Drew
Anne of Green Gables
Occasional Friday nights with Angie, while our boys play Halo
Unexpected Kisses
Hot tubs
Nature walks
Accompanying Jake wherever he goes
Helping take photographs
Flannel sheets in the winter
First Snow
Flowers given with Love
Flip Flops
(wow, lots of F's in a row)
Thrift Store Shopping with my Mom
Pet store paroozing with Jake
Holding Hands 

That's all for now. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Treat a Girl

It's almost been 4 whole months since Jake and I started dating, it feels a lot longer than that in a good way. I never thought I would love someone so much in this short amount of time but he makes it so easy. Brittney had sent me this message a while ago about "How to Treat a Girl"  and when I first read it, I was way would a guy ever do those things, but Jake has proved me wrong. What an awesome fellow is he.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rectus Femoralis

I forgot to label the rectus femoris on the cat today on my test. We have been disecting cats in anatomy lab, against my will, and were being tested today. We have 1 minute at each station where there is a cat with the muscles labeled and we have to answer what muscle it is, the origin, the insertion and the action. This is a very difficult task. I know I did not do very well because as I was moving on to another station I would suddenly remember the real name for one of the previous muscles but since there are 100, i couldnt remember what station number it was at. It was stressful to say the least but I am relieved that it is over.

One great thing about today so far is that my Strings class was cancelled! Strings is 730am and I was very thankful I didn't have to go. To be honest, i wasnt planning on going anyways since I had my anatomy exam right after and wanted some extra study time. 

I have one more midterm tonight at 6oclock.. I am not sure when I will study for it.. perhaps around 2 oclock. 
Well its lunch time, this has been a boring blog about school daze. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Geese are not compliant

Lesson learned- Geese are not cooperative in any sense of the word. I don't mean to generalize, but in my experience with geese, which have been few and far between, have not been pleasant. Jake and I were trying to capture the beauty that which is the Canadian Geese on his pond. Our objective was to either have the geese swim close enough to where we were on the shore, or to have them fly above us within range so Jake could get a nice shot. The pond is large and we tried to be sneaky, but everytime we would get close, those darn geese would swim swiftly away. Jake hid in the brushes and I went on the other side of the pond to try to scare them towards him. They wouldn't do it. Finally, as I distracted them Jake was able to sneak up behind them and get close to them, but then they took flight and flew away! Jake quickly took the shot as they were flying above the pond but they were quite far away. The picture still turned out nicely though. We spotted some yellow tuplips as well, which we found out later were crokuses. Jake decided to capture the first sign of spring with his camera and it turned out very well. I love taking pictures with Jake. It has to be one of my favourite Sunday afternoon activities.

Sundays are my favourite day of the week I think. This Sunday was no exception. We started the day off right by going to church at Cascades Baptist Church. The Barney's pick me up at my house at 9:30 and we sometimes eat breakfast in the car. I really love going to this church! The pastor is from England and right now we have been studying the old law (legalistic) and Grace. How thankful I am that God has given us Grace. I know this does not mean because God will forgive us we can do whatever we want, but it is reassuring that we don't have to be binded by rules and regulations, and that when we sin, God always forgives us.

After church, we come back to the Barney's house and have a wonderful home-cooked meal. Mrs. Barney is an excellent cook and I love eating there! Yesterday we had Roast-Beast, potatoes and carrots, salad, and something else but I cannot remember it. Nick, Angie and Baby Drew also came over for lunch and it was very entertaining. Drew is such a cute baby, that it is always a great time when he is around.

When lunch is over, Jake and I usually have a nap on the couch. Everyone was in the living room watching Basketball and we napped and fell asleep holding hands, it was the best. I listened to all the conversations and it was very soothing and relaxing. Gus (one of their three cats) came and slept on Jake as well, we were all very cozy. I of course always awaken before Jake does, so He then put his feet on my lap while I worked on homework and studying for my anatomy exam. Mrs. Barney made me a tea, which was just what I needed after a lovely dinner and nap, and to warm me up from the dampness outside. It had been stormy and rainy all afternoon. Suddenly the sun started to peek out, and I could smell cookies in the oven. I woke Jake up and had to pull him up with all my strength to try to make him sit up. He is very hard to get up. We enjoyed freshly baked cookies and milk and ventured on outside. This is when we started taking pictures outdoors. (I am going to see if I can scan some of Jake's pictures and post them on my blog. They are wonderful.)

While we were by the pond Jake's dad called for us to come in for dinner. We got what we needed outside, so we were ready to eat cheese burgers. My socks were also very wet since I did not bring any running shoes, and only had my dress shoes for church. I still wanted to go on the adventure though, so wet feet to me was worth it.

After dinner, Jake took a few more pictures while I worked on a bit of homework. We headed back to school about 8 oclock and then went to the lab to develop the pictures Jake had taken that day. I love helping Jake develop his photographs. I don't really do to much to help, but I am in charge of timing each process and I like to keep him company.

Well, this post isn't really finished. I know it's a pretty detailed account of my sunday afternoon, but I thought I would share how much I love them. I am now off to class!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

With Love

BEST Valentine's Day I have ever had! 

Jake picked me up to go to his home with flowers in his hand. A small little note that went with them, the thought of him bringing me flowers still makes me smile! I Love them. Pink, white and red. He loves me. 
Next we went to his house, where there was a gift on the table for me. It was wrapped with shiny red paper with ribbons and bows. I opened the gift that he promised I would love. Boy, do I love that gift! It was the Anne of Green Gables series on DVD!! I couldn't believe it! I had NO idea! I was estatic really. If you know my love for Anne, you would know that I was jumping with excitement. Literally I was. Jake popped in the movie, and we snuggled on the coach watching the first one. So sweet of him to watch it with me, definately not the type of movie he is in to. He did not fall asleep and actually paid attention. It was the perfect afternoon! It was better than even I could have imagined. As much as I loved the gifts, being with Jake is what makes me really happy. I love him very much.
A quote from Anne Shirley, "I don't want marble halls and sunbursts, all I want is you"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday!

I am now 23...still young though I feel. Yesterday was my birthday and it was definately a memorable one. The one who made it extra special was my wonderful boyfriend Jake. He definately makes me feel special. Yesterday was a very busy day for us both, with night classes, k-house meetings and soccer practice filling up our evening. I went over to Jake's K-house at 7 (earlier than i had thought i would be) and much to my suprise he had a pot in his hand and was starting to make me dinner!! and Jake does NOT cook. Since I was early, I helped him with making fetticini alfredo, which he knew was my fav. pasta. He had bought all the ingrediants to make the alfredo from scratch. We chopped up garlic and our hands smelled of it even today.. but the fetticini alfredo was REALLY good!! and Im not just saying that. He also got salad and coke for us to drink..all things I really like!

Tonight Jake took me to the theatre to see "New In Town" a chick flick. It definately was a movie Jake would never go and see, but he knew i wanted to see it and wanted to take i let him. It was a lot of fun just sharing popcorn and pop and holding hands in the movies, I didnt actually particularly like the movie a whole lot, but the fact that Jake took me, and spent all that money, specially on the over priced pop and popcorn!!! 3.90 for a small pop, and 5.90 for a small meant alot to me. I appreciate everything he does for me, he makes my heart melt.

We just got back now, and the weather is CRAZY!! the wind was pushing the car a lil and it was VERY dark out. Well, I had more to write, but my eyes cant stay open any longer...and school i will blog later...

P.S ...Is anyone else having the problem with seeing other peoples decorative blog i cant see mine or anyone elses cute pages. only the words. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl!

Normally, I would not care an ounce about the super bowl, but since there was going to be Chili at this particular party, I was enticed to come. After eating a delicious meal of Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables and the yummiest of rolls, we searched for cheaper text books online and bought Jake's books for approx 120 dollars, which full price would have cost over 400! At 530 we ventured on over to Nick and Angie's house with The Barney Parents and Sister. We had great chili and other various treats. Dave, T-Rav, uhh...who else..i think there was one more of Nick and Jake's friends..but i cannot remember.. oh yah and Tim were all there. I held Baby Drew for a little while, he makes the FUNNIEST faces. Mr. Barney claims that Drew looks like him, black hair and bald top of the head..which is true..he kinda does look like him. Overall I think he looks like Angie. 

Well, I have much work to do and need to finish lunch, I will write more later.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Than a Drink When Drowning

7 am I woke up and got ready for my 8 oclock class. Before I left, I double checked what room number my Strings class was in. I noticed an email i had not read yet informing me that there was NO class today!! haha, at first I was like..ah man! I woke up early for nothin, but then I remembered this was a GOOD thing. So i went back to bed and tried to sleep. I am not very good at sleeping once I am awaken for a while, so mostly i laid there and thought about life and God. I made some coffee and read my Bible. 

" Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfot, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Be an Encourager. Just as God encourages us in the hard times, carrying us when we are too weak to walk, guiding us through the thick fog of our insecurities and doubts, walking beside us, we too are responsible to encourage and build each other up. 
I have always strived to be an encourager in my relationships with people. Too often we hear the world telling us what we can't do, or how hard life is. The reality is life can be hard, and we as humans do have limitations, but knowing Through Christ all things are possible, we need to remind each other of this and help each other in this way. 
I have read that being a discourager is like offering a drowning man a drink of water. I know a few people like this, and you most likely do as well. Perhaps they are the ones in need of some comfort and encouragement. 
So with this, I am going to try to not be the one who pushes one in need under the water by being a discouragement to them, but reach out for their hand and pull them to safety by offering comfort and encouragement that God has given to us. 

Well, I have to get ready before Brittney comes over here, perhaps I will set the table for tea! 
Love each other! <3

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Break Day!

Yay! I love no classes! Actually, its more the no responsibility part I like, a day where I can do whatever I feel like. Alas, I already have homework for a class that doesnt start until tommorow :p oh well. So, Jake and I like to do things spontaneously, but we usually have some idea what we are going to do in our heads. 
Right now, I am going to clean my room and get stuff organized for classes tommorow. Then, I will call Rachelle and talk on the phone for a while. Next, I will go to Jake's and discuss our plans for the evening. Now this is what I hope will happen, or at least I think we should do today and I will let you know what things we actually do.

We will probably go to Quizno's for supper. If I can find some skates to borrow, then maybe we will go skating OR sledding. Probably play a couple games of Halo. Maybe visit his family, play a board game with his room mates. I m not really sure. but I will keep you updated on this day! I also have to go buy books sometime today.

I have anatomy this semester which I am a lil afraid about. I forget my other classes..piano lessons, choir, string methods, teaching instruction, reading and language problems, and Teaching langauge and something else Methods course..There might be another.. but i forget.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hit Snooze for 2 and half hours

So, this morning I planned on waking up at 6am to get some much needed homework done. I hit snooze acouple times...but it ended up being more than a couple.. and i slept in till 815. no biggie. I am at the library and i am done what i need to do. I have class in a bout 5 mins, so i thought i would blog a bit. Only today and tommorow left of J-term!! yay! Wednesday is designated fun day with Jake. In the morning he is going to his mom's school and making a sled and going sledding with a boy who doesn't have a Dad. Jake has a wonderful heart. Then he has to work till 2ish, but then the rest of the day is ours to do whatever fun stuff we can think of! any ideas?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend with Jake in Canada

I love playing games, and especially winning them. Alyssum, Matt Laird, Jake and I went to Mandy and Matt's new place in Petrolia this weekend and had such a wonderful time! Mandy made excellent brownies, popcorn, hotchocolate and chips and salsa... all so goood. I love their new place! We played things and balderdash. I won at things, and lost balderdash. I learned some new vocab as well, matt ottaway introduced me to a new word, which i had no idea meant. now i do. I learned other things as well. boys are ridiculous. Next, on Saturday, Jake and I went to Swiss Chalet for lunch and then the wheels inn where he won the jumping jackpot game and we got 150 tickets! haha, we bought a barrell of monkeys, 2 pencils and 2 bouncy balls. Then we played some Halo and Fables, I had a lot of fun with Jake. He's an amazing person, really. We visited my gramma and went to bulk barn, where i realized i lost 10 bucks!!! errr.. i am stil mad about that. 
well..i have a LOT of homework to do, so i am going to get working on that now. I will write more stories later!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday = Fun!

3 oclock today, Jake and I will be travelleing to Canada with Alyssum. We will be stopping off at my house, get settled in and eat some dinner, then make our next journey to Mandy and Matt's new place!! i am ridiculously excited to go! I talked to Matt Ottaway this morning and I think he would like us to bring the Xbox and guitar hero world tour, so we will most likely do that. 
Speaking of vidgeo games, my favourite game is Halo 3. I play Xbox live, so I play against all sorts of people, and they get real bummed when they get beat by Princess Gw3n. My armour is all pink and my emblem is a sheild with a pink heart on it.. haha.. i will post some screen shots Jake and I took the other day. My armour is blue in most of them because I was playing teams and I was on the blue team. I have SO much fun playing that game, and often times Steffan or Mike will use the headset and talk for me and pretend they are a girl and then suddenly change their voice to a mans'. its hilarious! Anyways, i best be off, I am in class again, so ta ta! I will keep you updated on this fun weekend.. and i am going to tell Jake to bring his camera so we can take fun pictures at Mandys house.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Library

I just had a lovely conversation with Ho Dong Kwon, what a fellow. He is from Korea and is simply hilarious, whether he means to be or not, I always get a chuckle out of him. I am waiting for Jake to get done soccer practice and then we are heading to Marino's to meet up with his family for some pizza! They are such an awesome family. I am excited to see them! I just finished up some homework, and still have some to do before tommorow, but i will do it perhaps in the morning.
Tommorow, Jake and I are travelling to Canada, my home and native land. We will be going to visit Matt and Mandy at their new abode along with Matt Laird and Alyssum. I am SOOO excited!! it should be a grand ole time. I love introducing my beloved friends to my wonderful boyfriend!
My hands are very dry, I took off my rings for a couple days because they were making my dry hands worse.
I miss all my friends, so hopefully i will get to see a bunch of them this weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In class

I am in class right now, I am done my work so don't think I am slacking. I am actually ahead of the game. Lost is on tonight! It is my favourite show. I know it seems very out there, but I am thinking there is something deeper than just all the confusion and ridiculousness that is the show. Jake's favourite show is Robot Chicken I would say. I like when he watches it because he laughs so hard and its always great to see him laugh. Steffan, Jake's roomie, is in a lot of pain these days. He hurt is back somehow, while we were skating on Sunday. I think he is getting frustrated because he can't do much and the doctors can't do anything for him right now. I feel bad for him. Steffan is my favourite of Jake's friend. He seems to understand Jake and really likes him. It will be sad to see him go after J-term. I gotta go, I am in class as I said before. Later dudes!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow and Ice and All things Nice

I wish i had a camera to take a picture of the enormouse icicles outside the window right now, they are amazing! snow has just fallen yet again and everything is so pristine and white. Untouched snow is amazing and only lasts for a short while. I have had a great weekend thus far! I shall tell you a bit about it. 

Friday: Andrea came to visit and we went to Skating for Toques which they actually spelled right this year. We met up with Jake, Stephan, Allison and Matt there and had a grand ole time. Jake has improved significantly in his ice skating abilities. I fell twice and he only fell once.  I also did the belly slide...and did not win.. AND I raced and got second place. I could have gotten first if it werent for the fact that my own pair of skates had broken so i had to rent..and the skates that i had rented were damaged...the blade on the one skate was indented so part of the blade wasnt touching the ice which made it really hard to turn..but i could have won. 

Saturday: We slept in until 11am and Andrea and I went to McDonalds for lunch. We talked about life and such just like we did when she was here. We then went to the cougar den and made rediculous videos of ourselves dancing. After that Jake came over and we three watched Catch Me If You Can.  Then we went to Jakes House (Sydow House) where his house mates had planned a 'coffee and pancake night' which consisted of a lot of great tasting pancakes made by matt mosley, including chocolate chip and blueberry, french vanilla coffee and a night of open mic.  They had the house set up very nicely for this occasion and i was suprised by how many people came and sang and played guitar and whatnot. they had a microphone and speakers and all that. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, but i dont like big crowds very much, so Jake, Andrea and I played some video games in the other room. 

Sunday (Today): I went to church with Andrea and then she left to go back home. I got ready to go to Jake's home house where we had planned to go skating...unfortunately my skates had broken the last time i went skating so i just brought my snowboard pants and boots and played in the snow. Stephan, Allison, Dan, Ben and Matt all came as well, not to mention the whole youth group from the Barney's church. The Barney's were hosting the youth group and had them play broomball out on the ice. Abbey (Jake's sister) is a Sr. in highschool. We played with them a bit and then went inside where Mrs. Barney had made soup and crackers and cheese for Jake and I and we watched sponge bob square pants. Jake is playing soccer now, and I am waiting for him to call me when he gets done. Im not sure what the plans are for this night, but we have no school tommorow so let this awesome weekend continue!!!