Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dresses Dresses and more Dresses

How do I decide???
I know what I want for MY dress... but what about my poor bridesmaids!
At this rate they we will have to resort to the paper bag princess look... not really my style.
short, flowy, unique, chiffon type fabric
think...enchanted...fairys! haha.

As for my bridesmaids, it was a hard hard hard decision to decide who would be in the wedding party. Since Jake is only having 3
I thought he was going to end up with 4
I chose my 2 future sister in laws and also friends
and 2 of my great friends from home to represent the group of girls who I love so much.
If Jake had more options for groomsmen, I could have everyone that i want in the wedding. Jake is just the kind of guy who has a few close friends and develops great relationships with them, but doesn't have a LOT of friends. I mean, he does but he only wants the very closest people up there with him.
It's okay though.
It will all work out.

Tonight Jake and I are going to go out for some pizza and then create some "Save the Dates"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dec. 31st, Jake proposed!
to me!
I said yes of course.
I basically just nodded because I wasn't able to find my voice.
I cried alot...very unexpected actually.
The way Jake proposed was so sweet and I Couldn't have asked for a more perfect night.
I just got the ring back today.
It feels a little snug
I may have to get it resized AGAIN!
Now that I have the ring back on my finger I am ready to continue with the wedding planning!
wedding planning...ugh..
sometimes its wonderful! (when things go my way)
and sometimes its a drag (when things DON'T go my way)

My future mom-in-law gave me a beautiful wedding planner
It keeps me organized
I love it!
The wedding is August 21st, 2010 in Chatham Ontario
Reception is being held at Lake Erie.
Pray for a beautiful day please!
The word to describe my wedding is going to be "Enchanted"
Filled with lots of unique personal detail,
It's going to show a lot of who Jake and I are as a couple
Jake is designing the monogram
I am making the invites.. and the save the dates if I ever get to it.
I have a secret suprise that I am working on, that is TOP secret.. so you will have to wait to find that one out.
Also, my dress is going to be a suprise...I think haha.. I don't want to say too much more about that for now.
The colours of our wedding are going to be blue,purples and pinks..
I chose these colours because I was inspired by Lupins (my favourite flower)
Our wedding is going to be laid back and everyone should dress in summery clothes, Khaki shorts for boys and nice shirt and sun dresses for girls.. There will be lots of dancing and fun and maybe even some swimming!

I am going to include pictures that are inspirational to me in planning this wedding and that i hope to incorporate the feel or some of the elements into our wedding.