Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Than a Drink When Drowning

7 am I woke up and got ready for my 8 oclock class. Before I left, I double checked what room number my Strings class was in. I noticed an email i had not read yet informing me that there was NO class today!! haha, at first I was like..ah man! I woke up early for nothin, but then I remembered this was a GOOD thing. So i went back to bed and tried to sleep. I am not very good at sleeping once I am awaken for a while, so mostly i laid there and thought about life and God. I made some coffee and read my Bible. 

" Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfot, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Be an Encourager. Just as God encourages us in the hard times, carrying us when we are too weak to walk, guiding us through the thick fog of our insecurities and doubts, walking beside us, we too are responsible to encourage and build each other up. 
I have always strived to be an encourager in my relationships with people. Too often we hear the world telling us what we can't do, or how hard life is. The reality is life can be hard, and we as humans do have limitations, but knowing Through Christ all things are possible, we need to remind each other of this and help each other in this way. 
I have read that being a discourager is like offering a drowning man a drink of water. I know a few people like this, and you most likely do as well. Perhaps they are the ones in need of some comfort and encouragement. 
So with this, I am going to try to not be the one who pushes one in need under the water by being a discouragement to them, but reach out for their hand and pull them to safety by offering comfort and encouragement that God has given to us. 

Well, I have to get ready before Brittney comes over here, perhaps I will set the table for tea! 
Love each other! <3

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Break Day!

Yay! I love no classes! Actually, its more the no responsibility part I like, a day where I can do whatever I feel like. Alas, I already have homework for a class that doesnt start until tommorow :p oh well. So, Jake and I like to do things spontaneously, but we usually have some idea what we are going to do in our heads. 
Right now, I am going to clean my room and get stuff organized for classes tommorow. Then, I will call Rachelle and talk on the phone for a while. Next, I will go to Jake's and discuss our plans for the evening. Now this is what I hope will happen, or at least I think we should do today and I will let you know what things we actually do.

We will probably go to Quizno's for supper. If I can find some skates to borrow, then maybe we will go skating OR sledding. Probably play a couple games of Halo. Maybe visit his family, play a board game with his room mates. I m not really sure. but I will keep you updated on this day! I also have to go buy books sometime today.

I have anatomy this semester which I am a lil afraid about. I forget my other classes..piano lessons, choir, string methods, teaching instruction, reading and language problems, and Teaching langauge and something else Methods course..There might be another.. but i forget.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hit Snooze for 2 and half hours

So, this morning I planned on waking up at 6am to get some much needed homework done. I hit snooze acouple times...but it ended up being more than a couple.. and i slept in till 815. no biggie. I am at the library and i am done what i need to do. I have class in a bout 5 mins, so i thought i would blog a bit. Only today and tommorow left of J-term!! yay! Wednesday is designated fun day with Jake. In the morning he is going to his mom's school and making a sled and going sledding with a boy who doesn't have a Dad. Jake has a wonderful heart. Then he has to work till 2ish, but then the rest of the day is ours to do whatever fun stuff we can think of! any ideas?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend with Jake in Canada

I love playing games, and especially winning them. Alyssum, Matt Laird, Jake and I went to Mandy and Matt's new place in Petrolia this weekend and had such a wonderful time! Mandy made excellent brownies, popcorn, hotchocolate and chips and salsa... all so goood. I love their new place! We played things and balderdash. I won at things, and lost balderdash. I learned some new vocab as well, matt ottaway introduced me to a new word, which i had no idea meant. now i do. I learned other things as well. boys are ridiculous. Next, on Saturday, Jake and I went to Swiss Chalet for lunch and then the wheels inn where he won the jumping jackpot game and we got 150 tickets! haha, we bought a barrell of monkeys, 2 pencils and 2 bouncy balls. Then we played some Halo and Fables, I had a lot of fun with Jake. He's an amazing person, really. We visited my gramma and went to bulk barn, where i realized i lost 10 bucks!!! errr.. i am stil mad about that. 
well..i have a LOT of homework to do, so i am going to get working on that now. I will write more stories later!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday = Fun!

3 oclock today, Jake and I will be travelleing to Canada with Alyssum. We will be stopping off at my house, get settled in and eat some dinner, then make our next journey to Mandy and Matt's new place!! i am ridiculously excited to go! I talked to Matt Ottaway this morning and I think he would like us to bring the Xbox and guitar hero world tour, so we will most likely do that. 
Speaking of vidgeo games, my favourite game is Halo 3. I play Xbox live, so I play against all sorts of people, and they get real bummed when they get beat by Princess Gw3n. My armour is all pink and my emblem is a sheild with a pink heart on it.. haha.. i will post some screen shots Jake and I took the other day. My armour is blue in most of them because I was playing teams and I was on the blue team. I have SO much fun playing that game, and often times Steffan or Mike will use the headset and talk for me and pretend they are a girl and then suddenly change their voice to a mans'. its hilarious! Anyways, i best be off, I am in class again, so ta ta! I will keep you updated on this fun weekend.. and i am going to tell Jake to bring his camera so we can take fun pictures at Mandys house.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Library

I just had a lovely conversation with Ho Dong Kwon, what a fellow. He is from Korea and is simply hilarious, whether he means to be or not, I always get a chuckle out of him. I am waiting for Jake to get done soccer practice and then we are heading to Marino's to meet up with his family for some pizza! They are such an awesome family. I am excited to see them! I just finished up some homework, and still have some to do before tommorow, but i will do it perhaps in the morning.
Tommorow, Jake and I are travelling to Canada, my home and native land. We will be going to visit Matt and Mandy at their new abode along with Matt Laird and Alyssum. I am SOOO excited!! it should be a grand ole time. I love introducing my beloved friends to my wonderful boyfriend!
My hands are very dry, I took off my rings for a couple days because they were making my dry hands worse.
I miss all my friends, so hopefully i will get to see a bunch of them this weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In class

I am in class right now, I am done my work so don't think I am slacking. I am actually ahead of the game. Lost is on tonight! It is my favourite show. I know it seems very out there, but I am thinking there is something deeper than just all the confusion and ridiculousness that is the show. Jake's favourite show is Robot Chicken I would say. I like when he watches it because he laughs so hard and its always great to see him laugh. Steffan, Jake's roomie, is in a lot of pain these days. He hurt is back somehow, while we were skating on Sunday. I think he is getting frustrated because he can't do much and the doctors can't do anything for him right now. I feel bad for him. Steffan is my favourite of Jake's friend. He seems to understand Jake and really likes him. It will be sad to see him go after J-term. I gotta go, I am in class as I said before. Later dudes!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow and Ice and All things Nice

I wish i had a camera to take a picture of the enormouse icicles outside the window right now, they are amazing! snow has just fallen yet again and everything is so pristine and white. Untouched snow is amazing and only lasts for a short while. I have had a great weekend thus far! I shall tell you a bit about it. 

Friday: Andrea came to visit and we went to Skating for Toques which they actually spelled right this year. We met up with Jake, Stephan, Allison and Matt there and had a grand ole time. Jake has improved significantly in his ice skating abilities. I fell twice and he only fell once.  I also did the belly slide...and did not win.. AND I raced and got second place. I could have gotten first if it werent for the fact that my own pair of skates had broken so i had to rent..and the skates that i had rented were damaged...the blade on the one skate was indented so part of the blade wasnt touching the ice which made it really hard to turn..but i could have won. 

Saturday: We slept in until 11am and Andrea and I went to McDonalds for lunch. We talked about life and such just like we did when she was here. We then went to the cougar den and made rediculous videos of ourselves dancing. After that Jake came over and we three watched Catch Me If You Can.  Then we went to Jakes House (Sydow House) where his house mates had planned a 'coffee and pancake night' which consisted of a lot of great tasting pancakes made by matt mosley, including chocolate chip and blueberry, french vanilla coffee and a night of open mic.  They had the house set up very nicely for this occasion and i was suprised by how many people came and sang and played guitar and whatnot. they had a microphone and speakers and all that. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, but i dont like big crowds very much, so Jake, Andrea and I played some video games in the other room. 

Sunday (Today): I went to church with Andrea and then she left to go back home. I got ready to go to Jake's home house where we had planned to go skating...unfortunately my skates had broken the last time i went skating so i just brought my snowboard pants and boots and played in the snow. Stephan, Allison, Dan, Ben and Matt all came as well, not to mention the whole youth group from the Barney's church. The Barney's were hosting the youth group and had them play broomball out on the ice. Abbey (Jake's sister) is a Sr. in highschool. We played with them a bit and then went inside where Mrs. Barney had made soup and crackers and cheese for Jake and I and we watched sponge bob square pants. Jake is playing soccer now, and I am waiting for him to call me when he gets done. Im not sure what the plans are for this night, but we have no school tommorow so let this awesome weekend continue!!!