Monday, October 27, 2008

Snow and Wonder.

Snow last night.. I saw it with my two very own eyes! Sarah Maxwell came to my bedroom door close to midnight and said.."Its Snowing!" i didnt believe her at first, but we went to the living room and opened the curtains and could see tiny snow in the light of the porch lamp. It was like a whispered secret, one that you could barely hear, but knew what it meant...winter is upon us! I have mixed feelings about winter as being I loved to snowboard, skate and other winter activities...but i shall miss the warm sun. I am thankful for the length of the warmness we have had this autumn..its been grand. Something else that is abosultely grand is that Carrie is now finished with Chemo!! forever Lord willing, and what an amazing testimony it is to us all. Never complaining and just looking at it as something that has to be done, and just "got'er done. Praise God! Those of us that could make it to Chatham on Sunday (Brittney, Mandy and I) and who were not sick, had a suprise "Got'er Done/ Way to Kick Cancer in the butt celebration for Carrie" on Sunday. We talked a lot, wrote out recipes, ate chips and salsa, watched an old time home video of our church, then dressed up in ridiculous costumes and Britt's mom took lovely photos. (if you need a photographer..ask her) We then had dinner which was Turkey Pizza wheel and stuffing. Excellent! Mandy brought a salad plus cupcakes and I brought balloons. .it was a GREAT time. i wish I could write more, but I must MUST clean my room before Andrea gets back...not that she will care, but I know she will have a ton of stuff ( and souvenirs for me?) from her trip.

Have a Full of Wonder Day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn...A Time to Contemplate.

I love waking up in the morning when the sun is shining brightly in my room, I can't help but get out of bed. On days that are cloudy, it's much harder to get out of bed and face the world, but one thing God has been teaching me lately is self control/discipline. I have found that even the word self control will pop into my head on those days that I don't want to get up, and I just have to do it. Not giving into your selfish bodily desires (such as sleeping in) only strengthens the spirit and that is what I am striving for. 2 Peter 1:6 says Knowing God leads to self-control. Self-control leads to patient endurance, and patient endurance leads to godliness. Something to think about really, for me at least. I have been telling my housemates that I feel as if I am losing the patience I once had. In classes, I find it frustrating when a teacher seems to be wasting my time or not reading something correctly, sometimes I wish i could yell out my frustrations. This I know also relates to self control. Making up my mind, to get what I can out of classes and doing my best and I am sure I will see my patience come back to me. This is all I have time for at the moment, classes call and since I am practicing self control..even though i would rather stay in my room.. I shall go.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was awaken this morning by what I thought to be thunder, but could feel the warmth of the sun on my face and knew that what I was hearing was not thunder. "It sounds like thunder" I said anyways to my Andrea (roomie) and her reply.."It's not" which I knew..but i was hoping she would be able to answer the question that was on my mind...what was that rumbling sound? I laid in bed a few more moments thinking of all the possibilities, some of which are just absurd. I decided it was high time i investigate this going ons and jumped out of my bed and whipped open the curtains and for a second i couldnt believe my eyes....could it be!? I was SURE... most DEFINATELY... that i was seeing things... I mean..I thought these creatures were wiped off the face of the planet years before I was here..yes my friends...I saw a least for a good 5 seconds i thought i did. It turned out to be some sort of digger majigger thing doin some construction type deal work...but behind the me it looked like a dinosaur.