Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wierd Dreams

I don't know about you, but I am definitely a dreamer. I day dream as well as regular in your sleep dream. Lately, well for about the whole summer so far, I have been having the craziest dreams. I can now only remember bits and pieces of some. Allow me to give you an example of my crazy dreams.

I am dressed in some ridiculous warrior outfit, not the kind that pocahontas might be seen wearing, but more of a Xena the warrior princess kind of look. I am not the only one looking like I'm being cast for the movie Gladiator, everyone around me is wearing the same type of armor. It was a battle. I am not sure what we are fighting for but I knew in my heart I had to fight with all I had. I am looking to catch up with Jake in the battle although he told me specifically not to be around the danger. Suddenly, I am struck with a disc shaped something with blades all around it. It sinks halfway through my chest, but the pain is not there. Just extreme pressure. I know I have to keep fighting and am thinking that if I leave the blades in there I might have a chance at survival. To take them out would probably result in death. I keep fighting but notice that I am slowing down and the pain is starting to take over. I don't want to stop fighting because the battle is important but I decide to lay down. I think that lying down will ease the pain and hopefully I would die relatively quickly and with as little pain as possible. As I was being helped to lie on the ground I awoke out of my dream. The End.

Last night I had a dream that I can barely remember now. I am on a spaceship type looking...building.. or maybe it was a spaceship.. i cant remember. anyways, the one thing I kinda remember about the dream is that someone had died and there was a blue person, i think it was an alien, and they held a small person in a bubble that appeared to be sleeping. The blue alien said that the person was going to be released out the window. I was sad that the person was dead but the blue alien said that the life they were living before was not really real. (something like that) and that his soul is what matters, not the body.

there was alot in that dream.. but I can't remember any of it really now. I need to write them down in the morning, cuz I could get some good story ideas.. haha.